How much will I be paid for publishing articles?

You will be paid the amount listed as the price per post for your publication(s).

payment amount = price per post x number of articles posted on the publication

These rates can be viewed on the "Publications" page within the Publisher Dashboard:

The “Cost” column shows what we will pay you for an article posted on each of publication.

If you can no longer publish articles on one of your publications, you should disable the publication using the toggle button. This will prevent you from receiving new article assignments for this publication.

If the price is incorrect on a publication, you must tell us PRIOR to posting an article. If you post an article, you will be paid the rate listed. We cannot change this after the fact. If an article is assigned to a publication, and the price for the publication has changed, simply reject the article and note the new price.

Please note: if you are able to accept posts at a lower price than previously offered, this will increase the amount of articles assigned to your site and can maximize the overall amount of revenue that you can generate from our partnership.

Similarly, increasing the price for your publication negatively impacts the appeal of your website leading to less posts assigned to your site and potentially a lesser amount of revenue generated. Any price increase that is exceedingly beyond a reasonable valuation for your site may result in your publication being deactivated within our system.

Updated on: 15/04/2022

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